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In memory of Commander Miguel Conceição





We have already marked three years since the tragic accident that killed our colleague Commander Miguel Conceição – a date of condolence for the family, colleagues, friends of this one who is / was one of us and, therefore, a date of condolence for all Barra de Portugal pilots.

Since that fatal date, attention to fundamental issues regarding the safety of the Pilots of Barra and the entire surrounding organic has been reinforced and has led to efforts that have resulted in the following:

  • equipment purchase,
  • In the survival and rescue course for boat pilots and crews, given by the ISN,
  • In raising awareness and raising the awareness of pilots for their individual safety,
  • In the creation of a code of good practices for the embarkation and disembarkation of pilots.

However, safety in general, and that of pilots in particular, is a dynamic process. The risk is still present, as was seen with the fall into the water, about a year ago in the Port of Sines – fortunately, and also due to some of the actions undertaken, it had no major consequences.

The pandemic context that surprised us in the year 2020, delayed many plans, namely that of Training. However, there are other aspects that need urgent and swift attention:

  • Definition of operational limits,
  • From rescue in adverse conditions,
  • From creating checklists for emergency situations,
  • Or even an exercise plan.

These are critical factors for our safeguarding, and they cannot wait for a date that everyone is unaware of and that will mark this pandemic as over. Especially because, during these times of struggle against the new coronavirus, the Pilots were among those who always remained active.

The state of restrictions, which the pandemic forces us to do, should not serve as a justification for the removal and non-dynamization of actions that contribute to our safety on an ongoing basis.

Individually, we are primarily responsible to ourselves, our families and friends for arriving home safe and sound every day. As such, it is up to us to comply with the (scarce) existing rules and encourage the creation of security procedures, regardless of the greater or lesser speed of some Organizations or Institutions.

As an example, the independent action of our English colleagues in relation to trap doors – is a clear case that we, as individuals, also have a proactive and unique role in increasing our security.

Finally, and returning to the reason why all these issues deserve a prominent place, in the agenda of discussions in Organs competent bodies and with our peers: because there is a memory of a professional and excellent human being who was tragically and cruelly lost, and in a way that we do not want either repeated or similar so that ours do not have to go through the suffering that yours, even today, go through; because there is a memory that has and must be honored and cannot be forgotten.

To leave, therefore, a hug of comfort, on this very sad day to Isabel, Francisco, as well as the rest of the family and friends of our colleague Cte. Miguel Conceição and ensure that this loss was not in vain.


Colleagues from the Port of Lisbon will pay a heartfelt tribute on 2/28 at 0915, which can be followed at:

Click here to join the meeting

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